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 Since 2008, capitalism lives a crisis on a scale comparable to the one in 1929. The consequences are massive debt, poverty, unemployment, etc., That means new and important changes that will affect our lifestyle to an extend still quite difficult to estimate. One thing is certain: as British Medias kept on reciting during 2011 summer riots, business must go on. The 1929 crisis led to the biggest war of history. Today another war is in the pipes: the war against proletariat. Defined by its position inside the system of production, proletariat constitutes a social category which is forced to sell its labour power to survive. Divided under capitalism, only a revolution can make it able to act and fight as a class. According to Marx, “it is revolutionary or it is nothing”. Now, in order to get out of the crisis, capitalism is leading a worldwide and unprecedented attack against proletariat. At this end, it tries to reduce drastically the cost of labour. We already can see this phenomenon in Greece and we’ll see it pretty soon in other countries. The radius of possibilities is dwindling: it is capitalism or us.

In Europe as well as in US the motto is the same: “we need austerity and sacrifices”. Elsewhere, overexploitation has now reached its limits: food crisis, housing crisis… In front of this perspective the proletariat doesn’t remain passive.

The revolutions that started in the spring of 2011 and the anger of the Greeks are already, for example, the beginning of an answer.

Another answer for a part of the workers, which may becomes more important, consists in claiming their indignation, asking for another capitalism where public banks who will still trade money, where employees would still be exploited by their bosses, but with dignity, etc. All of this would be under the guidance of a social (socialist for the angriest persons) and well-wishing State.

We share with the bearers of this trend that without more accurate word, we’ll call « democratists » (uniting radical reformists and groups calling themselves revolutionary as well), the conviction that the proletariat must fight and resist to austerity measures. But we do not want, in any way to establish plans to manage the crisis, to take emergency measures or to try to handle capitalism. The ship is sinking, and we don’t intend to fill in the gaps or get a place in the dominant class’s lifeboats: we intend to reach shore.

Of course, we don’t think that capitalism will let itself be pushed around without putting up a fight. That is why we can call ourselves revolutionary. No reform, no legal means will ever destroy what is written deep down in the genetic code of capitalism: exploitation.

In this period of crisis, the only solution for the proletariat is the destruction of the present system: capitalism. We refuse to fight for the establishment of a transitional period of any kind which is simply a different management of capitalism: proletarian State, generalized workers’ self-management, etc.

During the battle between proletariat and capital, we intend to suffocate our enemy. We’ll let capitalists play with their money and gold, which will become useless if society does not give them any meaning. Nevertheless, we recommend in no way inaction; we try to establish a strategy leading to communism which means the abolition of private property, wage system, State and value. Abolishing salary is cutting the leash which links us to the capitalists. It is on the ashes of capitalism that we’ll build a society where we’ll decide to produce according to our collectively identified needs.

Finally, we have made the following observations:

All too often inside the communist trend that we claim (also called anarchist, communization, anarcho-communist, etc.) political and economic analysis are boring, longs and sometimes impossible to understand.

Organized collectively, we try to offer easily readable analysis. We hope to be able to reach as many people as possible and to gather them around discussions and debates. The heart of our message is quite simple: we can say whatever we want, but as long as there be money, there won’t be enough for everyone!

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